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Monsters. Mayhem. Mars.

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David Cornelius ( writes that Interplanetary is "...what all B-movies should want to be: audacious, intelligent, and start-to-finish entertaining, a slice of genius standing in bold defiance of the budget."

Interplanetary was released on DVD by Shock-O-Rama on March 15, 2011. Get it at You can also check out the teaser trailer. And this.



Hide Hide and Creep
Zombies overtake a small town in the first Crewless feature film. Available on DVD and YouTube. And possibly elsewhere.

Call Birthday Call
Chuck. Chris. Zombies. Three minutes. Inspiration for Hide and Creep. Watch it at YouTube.

Reciprocity Reciprocity
Revenge is the best revenge. First Crewless 16mm work. Available on the Hide and Creep "Special Edition" DVD.

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In the works...

James Monster Hunt with James and Kevin
Stacey directs a short about James, Kevin, and a monster. Premieres in September at the Sidewalk film fest in Birmingham, AL.

Anthology Untitled Anthology Feature Film
Chuck and Chance each direct a segment, along with Crewless pal Mike Harring.

About Crewless

Crewless Productions is an independent film-production company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Crewless is owned and operated by Chuck Hartsell, Chance Shirley, and Stacey Shirley.

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You can totally watch Hide and Creep right now via YouTube.

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